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We worked with Content Media to manage the digital release PR campaigns in North America and the UK for The Thread, a groundbreaking documentary about the Boston marathon bombings and citizen journalism.

Following the deadly attacks on the 2013 Boston Marathon, amateur Internet sleuths took to Twitter and Reddit, intent on identifying the perpetrators of the biggest terror attach on US soil since 9/11.¬†Set against a backdrop of the week-long hunt for the terrorists on the streets of Boston, The Thread¬†reveals the parallel, unofficial online investigation that captured the world’s imagination, but led to innocent people being accused of the crime, thus changing the face of journalism forever.

To mark the release, we asked serious news journalists to speak out, as well as managed reviews, features, interviews and digital assets. We secured quality press coverage with media outlets including The Boston Globe,, Newsweek, Mail Online, Digital Spy, The Huffington Post,, The Glass Magazine, After Nyne, Aesthetica Magazine and much more.