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We worked with Vision Films to manage the North American release campaign and international digital premiere of stylish, educational documentary Sticky: A (Self) Love Story, the worlds first about the controversial subject of masturbation.

From the history of the vibrator, to the shocking reality that harmless sex toys are banned in Alabama, Sticky: A (Self) Love Story will teach you everything you didn’t know about masturbation in one stimulating documentary. It’s a candid portrayal of an activity that is rarely discussed, exploring it from a historical, medical, legal, moral and psychological perspective. Writer/Director Nicholas Tana aims to crush social embarrassment in his quest to understand why masturbation is something that most people do, but few like to admit, and why it’s such a sticky subject.

We looked after marketing strategy, digital assets, content production and publicity for the DVD and VOD release, securing quality press coverage with a wide range of media outlets, including Newsweek,, Yahoo!, The Daily Beast, The Boston Globe, New York Magazine, Ravishly, UPROXX, Flavorwire, Movie Hole, Bustle, Bugle Mag, Refinery 29 and much more. We also achieved international press coverage to promote the 1-day international promotional VOD premiere, including GQ Mexico, Konbini, UOL Brazil and Wired Magazine Italy.